From weddings to little kids, Dustin Lynch is surprised at the folks who are making him a superstar

Broken BowDustin Lynch has the biggest song of his career so far with “Small Town Boy,” thanks to its four weeks at the top of the Billboard chart.

But the way the Tullahoma, Tennessee native can tell he’s really making an impact, is the way the song is working its way into the lives of his fans.

“Believe it or not, ‘Small Town Boy’ to me, I didn’t think of as a wedding song, but it has been a part of some people’s weddings,” he tells ABC Radio.

“I said the coolest part about ‘Small Town Boy’ is all the kids that have shown up, just decked out with my name all over their clothes,” Dustin continues. “I’m talking little bitty guys and girls. So that’s been neat, to play shows and have the super-young kids come out, dressed up and all decked out, you know. That’s always really cool to see.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1) 

“Small Town Boy” is Dustin’s fifth #1 in a row, and his latest single from the best-selling album of his career so far, Current Mood.

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