How Brett Eldredge’s pup Edgar cured his loneliness and made him “10% Happier”

ABC/Image Group LA If you’ve been to a Brett Eldredge concert or seen him on TV, you know he’s an upbeat, positive kind of guy.

But even a bundle of energy like Brett can sometimes hit a tough spot in life. The Illinois native opens up to ABC’s Dan Harris about one of those moments in a new episode of Harris’ 10% Happier podcast.

“I might play in front of 30,000 people, and then I walk…offstage and…you’re by yourself, after having the most insane adrenaline rush ever,” Brett explains.

“Everybody’s going crazy…[you’re] sweaty…walk to the backstage, people giving you high fives,” he continues. “And then…it’s just you and the walls of a tour bus. I’d be there by myself.”

“Don’t have a girlfriend or anything at this point. Still don’t,” Brett adds.

For Brett, it was man’s best friend to the rescue: his Weizsla pup named Edgar.

“Now I’ve got Edgar to be there with me, and it just made me more happy,” Brett tells Dan. “You know, he’s excited that he gets to see you after he’s been sitting on the bus.”

“It’s a crazy thing,” Brett says. “He’s a very human-like dog. He’s one of those dogs that just has a personality…And he sits up in the driver’s seat on the tour bus, and it looks like he’s gonna drive it, when it’s parked.”

Now that Edgar’s started making appearances onstage, his popularity’s even rivaling that of his dad.

“There’s so many signs in the crowd for that dog every night,” Brett tells ABC Radio. “So I put a treat on his nose, and he flips it off his nose and catches it in his mouth. People go crazy!”

You can listen to the latest edition of Dan Harris’ 10% Happier podcast now.

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