Kelsea Ballerini says her “adrenaline-heavy” video with The Chainsmokers is like nothing she’s done before

ABC/Image Group LAWhen the expanded edition of Kelsea Ballerini‘s sophomore album comes out October 26, it’ll include “This Feeling,” her new collaboration with The Chainsmokers.

Kelsea admits she’d been dreaming of working with the electronic duo for some time, even performing their monster hit from 2016 on tour.

“I met the guys two years ago at the Grammys,” she recalls. “I covered ‘Closer’ all during the tour, and just kept saying that my favorite collaboration that I wanted to do was The Chainsmokers.”

“And then finally, they were, I think, probably just like, ‘I’m tired of her harassing me,'” she laughs.

Ultimately, their track together ended up fitting perfectly with Kelsea’s Unapologetically album.

“I love the song,” she tells ABC Radio. “I mean, ‘This Feeling’ is all about following your heart, which is the whole album that I made, that’s what it’s about, so it really made sense, and we’re friends.”

Up next, Kelsea’s fans can look forward to the most daring music video she’s ever made.

“We’ve already shot the video. It comes out, I think very soon,” she explains. “It’s definitely a very adrenaline-heavy video. I’ve never done anything like it, so I’m excited.”  

Kelsea’s third single from Unapologetically, “Miss Me More,” is currently climbing the country chart.

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