Kip Moore’s “Last Shot” philosophy led him on the trip of a lifetime to Iceland

ABC/Image Group LA Kip Moore‘s latest top twenty hit, “Last Shot,” is about seizing the moment when it comes to romance.

But in real life, “carpe diem” is a philosophy the admitted adventure-seeker lives by.

“I try to go by that everyday,” Kip says. “I mean, I can’t jump out of planes every single day, but I try to… when I have a burning desire to do something, I try to go do it and seize the moment.”

For Kip, that usually translates into taking exotic trips. And it’s something he did even before he could really afford it.

“Even before I was doing this, and I made no money,” he explains, “I’d save up every bit that I could and eat ramen noodles for two months, and then I’d go take a trip somewhere. ‘Cause to me, it’s always been about that: seeing as many cultures as I could, soaking all that stuff in.”

And Kip’s greatest adventure so far?

“Iceland I’d say was the most profound trip that I’ve ever taken,” he reveals, “in so many different ways.”

Kip’s currently on his headlining After the Sunburn Tour with Jordan Davis and Jillian Jacqueline.

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