From “sad” to “uplifting” and “happy,” Brett Young takes fans to a new place with “Ticket to L.A.”

ABC/Image Group LA Brett Young‘s sophomore album, Ticket to L.A., arrives Friday, and shows a new side of the California-born singer. Simply put, Brett admits he’s much happier now than when he recorded his self-titled debut.

“I think the first album was a really good way for me to introduce myself to people,” he reflects. “I think that it was extremely honest, personal, and vulnerable, and I think it’s unfortunately a little bit easier to do that when you’re sad, when you’re at that place in your life, and I was.”

Even though his debut produced four #1 hits — “Sleep Without You,” “In Case You Didn’t Know,” “Like I Loved You,” and “Mercy” — Brett confesses he wasn’t at a great place when he recorded it.

“Me and my girl were broken up and I was also new to Nashville and hadn’t built a huge friend base yet,” he explains. “And so I think that made it really easy for me to go a little bit dark and be a little bit extremely vulnerable.”

“And so I think when you go there,” he continues, “when you get that personal and that honest, I think it’s a really good way for people to start to get to know you.”

After Brett and longtime love Taylor Mills tied the knot last month in California, he’s looking forward to showing his happier side.

“That’s why it’s going to be so nice…” he says, “with this second record to have it reflect where I’m at now which is a very uplifting, happy place in my life. And with the second record we’re doing the same thing. I made sure that it’s vulnerable and it’s honest. It’s just coming from a completely different stage in my life.”

You can also see Brett Monday at 8 p.m. ET, when the annual CMA Country Christmas special premieres on ABC.

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