Randy Houser changes course with “Magnolia”: “I had to go make my music and not try to be copying something else”

BBR Randy Houser‘s top forty hit, “What Whiskey Does,” is the lead single from his new Magnolia record, but he warns it’s not necessarily the best representation of the rest of the album.

“It’s probably the most country thing on the record,” he explains. “I was really afraid that people would think I was trying to make a throwback country record. But that kinda scared me, because the album is not a throwback country record.”

“But it’s not a pop/country record either,” he adds. “It’s just… I don’t know how to explain it. I guess it’s just my record.”

The Mississippi native’s 2016 album, Fired Up, produced the #1 hit “We Went,” but Randy was ready for a change with Magnolia

“Mainly, sonically, I’m just tired of hearing the same old programmed stuff,” he tells ABC Radio, “and canned sounds that we hear everyday and the subjects and… the same grooves all the time…”

“I think it was just, I had to go make my music,” Randy declares, “and not try to be copying something else.” 

Randy co-wrote all twelve songs on Magnolia, which is available now.

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