It “Feels Like a Party” when the “Brothers” of LOCASH start creating their own album cover

Broken Bow

If the front of LOCASH‘s new Brothers album looks a little blurry to you, there’s no need to be worried about your eyes: it’s exactly as intended.

“It’s a little glitchy on purpose,” Preston Brust tells ABC Radio. “I like that, yep. We were talking about using the glitch effect on the picture just a little bit.”

“And then we got the idea to put the tape on it, like you did with the old VCRs,” he explains. “You know, how you’d take the masking tape and go down the spine of the VCR tape, and you’d write what you’d recorded, you know.”

Once Preston himself inscribed the title, Brothers, on the tape, the idea grew from there.

“The next thing you know,” he continues, “we were like, ‘Maybe we do the back like that as well, and we just put the [song] list, and move the tape around different directions.’ So it just became a thing.”

“Vintage is in, you know!” Chris Lucas interjects.

If Preston ever wants a side hustle, it sounds like he might have a promising career in calligraphy.

“That’s my handwriting, the whole thing,” he says proudly. “They made a font out of my handwriting. That’s kinda cool.”

“You don’t want to see mine,” Chris confesses. “Everything I do is cursive, so…you could barely read it.”

Brothers — with Chris and Preston’s hands-on cover — comes out on Friday, featuring their top-25 hit, “Feels Like a Party.”

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