Jake Owen is “all over the map” on “Greetings from… Jake” — and that’s exactly how he likes it

Big Loud

Just like its title, Greetings from… Jake, implies, the new album from Jake Owen is a reintroduction to the Florida native, who already has a string of number ones to his credit.

It’s Jake’s first project since leaving his longtime home at RCA to sign with independent label Big Loud, and it also reunites him with producer Joey Moi, who helped create hits like “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Beachin’.” 

Jake says he’s never made another record that’s such an authentic representation of who he is.

“I think that this record one hundred percent, completely exemplifies not only what I wanted to say on an album — and who I am at this place in life — but I think it’s everything that I’ve ever kind of drizzled into a crowd of people coming to see me play music,” he asserts.

“I think I’m a little bit of everything,” Jake confesses. “I wrote a song one time called ‘All over the Map’ because I truly am. Like, my brain is all over the map all the time.”

Whether you’re looking for a party anthem like “Drink All Day,” a tender love song like “Made for You,” or a rowdy collaboration with Kid Rock on “Grass Is Always Greener,” Jake’s sixth effort has it.

“This album took all those things that I am and smashed them into one, and said, ‘Here it is,'” Jake explains. “So I don’t think there’s anything about me that someone can’t get musically from this record, that I love.”

“And I think that’s a pretty confident, fulfilling thing to be able to say about a record,” he adds. “So, I think when someone listens to it, they can know that there’s no stone left unturned really for me on this album.”

Greetings from… Jake is out today.

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