Want to know what’s up with Midland? Just call “Mr. Lonely”

ABC/Image Group LAIf you want to hear a preview of Midland’s new single, all you need to do is call Mr. Lonely.

The lead single from the trio’s forthcoming sophomore album is, in fact, called “Mr. Lonely,” and you can — quite truthfully — text or call to get a sneak peak.

The number you need is 512-648-6364, as Midland shared on their socials. If you’d like to just click your mouse instead, you can check out CallMrLonely.com.

“Mr. Lonely” is the follow-up to Midlands’s #2 hit, “Burn Out,” which followed the trio’s #1 debut, “Drinkin’ Problem,” from their first album, On the Rocks.

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