“We’ve kinda done it backwards”: How Chase Rice’s “Eyes on You” is continuing the tradition of “Cruise” and “Ready Set Roll”

Broken Bow

Chase Rice has his biggest hit since 2014’s “Gonna Wanna Tonight,” as “Eyes on You,” continues its climb in the top ten this week.

It’s the second single from the North Carolina native’s Lambs & Lions record, and just like his previous successes, Chase says his fans earmarked “Eyes on You” as a favorite long before everyone else caught on.

“That’s kinda been our [modus operandi] from day one,” Chase explains. “We’ve kinda done it backwards, which is a headache, but it creates our thing.”

“And there’s been two other songs that I’ve written,” Chase continues, “one I wrote and didn’t sing on, “Cruise” by FGL. And it was huge and then radio started playing it.”

The other was Chase’s debut, platinum-selling single from 2013.  “The second one was ‘Ready Set Roll,'” Chase tells ABC Radio. “It was gold already and then radio started playing it.”

“And ‘Eyes on You’ is no different,” he concludes. “It’s already just this big song, and now radio’s starting to play it. That’s huge, though. It’ll blow the song up even more, for sure.” 

This Friday and Saturday, Chase plays two shows at the Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado with newcomer Cale Dodds.

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