Chris Young promises his ‘Raised on Country’ record will be worth the wait

RCA Nashville

Chris Young celebrated his eleventh career number one, “Hangin’ On,” Monday at a party at BMI in Nashville.

The Murfreesboro, Tennessee native also opened up about his next album, which is likely to be called Raised on Country, just like his current, top-twenty single.

“I think top to bottom, I think it’s my favorite album as a whole,” Chris explains. “I’m not kidding. I was listening to mixes, and everything’s on there.”

“There’s so many different thoughts,” he adds, “there’s so many different ideas: things that I have said before, things that I haven’t said before.”

One thing there aren’t many of: love songs. Even the ones that did make the record, Chris didn’t write. 

“Probably the thing that’s on there the least is love songs,” he reveals. “The two love songs that are really, like straight, no-question love songs are actually outside songs.”

From practically the moment Chris wrote “Raised on Country” with his producer, Corey Crowder, he says he was dying to sing it.

“We wanted to write something that was an anthem,” Chris recalls. “We were sitting on the bus. We were in Jacksonville. We were sitting in Florida and wrote this song.”

“‘Raised on Country’ came out of that night,” he continues. “And before I went onstage, he played me the demo of the song, and I was just like, ‘I want to play this right now!'”

Chris kicks off his Raised on Country Tour May 16 in Alpharetta, Georgia, after working a couple dates in the United Kingdom next week.

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